State of Maryland Restaurants-What Diners at Local Restaurants Should Know

Help Protect 284,100 Maryland Jobs By Investing in Maryland's Restaurant and Bar Community Future of Maryland's 11,357 restaurants and bars locations depend on refilling the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

Leisure and Hospitality Industry Has Accounted for 41.6% of All Jobs Lost in Maryland Independent Restaurants and Bars Eligible for At Least $168 Billion in Relief; Only $28.6 Billion Appropriated to Date Independent restaurants and bars accumulated 16 months of losses and need relief to pay down their debts. They will not be "back to normal" anytime soon.

● The COVID-19 pandemic has cost restaurants and bars over $280 billion in sales.

● One point of sale system estimates that restaurants and bars are eligible for at least $168 billion in RRF grants

● Costs necessary for running a restaurant are rising. The price of beef and veal (41.4%), grains (93.8%), and shortening and cooking oil (34.8%) have surged over the past year.

● 36% of diners will not resume their regular dining behavior until at least after September 2021.

● After accumulating 16 months of debt, restaurants and bars cannot simply fix their balance sheets with a few weeks of near-capacity business operations afforded by loosened restrictions and summer outdoor dining. Approximately 90,000 restaurants and bars have closed during the pandemic.

Investing in restaurants and bars protects Maryland's $13.3 Billion industry

● The RRF would galvanize Maryland's tourism industry, encouraging travelers to eat in Maryland's establishments and spend money on lodging, other tourist attractions and retail.

● Refilling the RRF would support Maryland's vast restaurant supply chain, protecting the state's bakers, fisherman butchers and 10,720 small farms.

● Since the beginning of March 2020, the leisure and hospitality industry has accounted for 41.6% of all jobs lost in Maryland; keeping many of Maryland's 284,100 leisure and hospitality workers employed would save the state millions in unemployment benefits and insurance taxes.

From the Independent Restaurant Coalition.  Mission Statement:

The restaurant and bar community formed the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC) to save the independent restaurants and bars and the 11 million people we employ — and the 5 million workers up and down the food supply and chain — who are affected by COVID-19. The IRC was founded on the simple belief that our small businesses have the power to affect legislative change if we unite our voices. Our mission is to provide a strong, unified voice on legislative, regulatory, and policy issues that affect the restaurant industry; and provide advocacy, advice, networking and information to members.